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Founded in 2005, the Pura Vida Foundation (meaning Pure Life in Spanish) is a Registered Charity in Canada, concentrating on some of the most desperate areas of Latin America. The Foundationís mission is to improve the lives of children and youth in Latin America through fostering healthy and supportable living.

Specifically at this time, the goal is to provide marginalized and exploited young girls in Peru with basic necessities such as a dependable supply of food, safe housing, and necessary resources to enhance their quality of life. We hope that our initiatives will help to relieve suffering and help strengthen the lives of many desperate children and communities. Together we can enhance living conditions and help to eradicate such devastating poverty.

Upcoming Events to support Pura Vida Foundation


FAMILY FIESTA DAY | Mark your Calendars!

Saturday February 15, 2014
Prestige Lakeside Resort, Nelson B.C.
Time & Details to follow.
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Donate your Bottles to Pura Vida

Support Pura Vida! Take your bottles and cans to the Nelson Bottle Depot at 120 Silica Street, Nelson BC. Sort them beforehand and donate the profits to Pura Vida. THANK YOU from the kids at Pura Vida.

Ongoing Pura Vida Projects

The Pura Vida Foundation will be opening the first Pura Vida Shelter in 2009, which will reach out to sexually exploited young girls of Cusco, Peru and surrounding areas.  The new Pura Vida shelter will start as a safe place for young girls getting off the streets. The shelter will supply these young girls with food, safe housing, rehabilitation and activities such as photography, art, music and most importantly LOVE!!!  If a girl only needs a bed for the night, that will be an option, but the goal will be to encourage them to stay in the shelter and work with the available staff to help them create a brighter future for themselves.  There are plans to have several directors assist in running the shelter, as well as a psychologist on site to help transition the girls from the streets.  The hope is that the girls will be able to get back into the school system, live in the shelter and then once finished school, be able to find employment.

This project requires a significant amount of financial support but with generous donations we believe this dream can be accomplished.  If you or someone you know is interested in donating time, money or resources please feel free to contact us at any time.   For further information on this project or other projects please visit the projects section of the site.

Thanks for visiting the site.  Keep checking back for information on upcoming events!